Architects make you money
Architects can help you maximize your investment. Homes designed by Architects almost always sell at a premium over similar-size regular homes in the same area. Well-designed work environments attract employees and increase productivity. Efficient use of space can reduce the total square footage you require.

I have experience working with realtors, quantity surveyors, funding agencies, and other stakeholders to evaluate property for purchase, and to tailor renovation and improvement projects to yield a maximum return on investment.

Architects save you money
Architects look for ways to maximize your budget and make your project cost effective. Most building projects start with a want or a need. “I need more file space in my office.” Or, “We’ve outgrown our house.” But how does that need or want get translated into square feet and three-dimensional space? An Architect can show you how to enlarge your home so you don’t have to move, or can design an office that meets your needs today and can be adapted for tomorrow. We’ll work together to look beyond your immediate requirements to design flexible buildings that will adapt with your changing needs.

Thorough drawings provide a testing ground on which we can intercept conflicts before they arise during the construction phase. They enable the contractor to not only more accurately price your project but also to more easily and efficiently construct your project.

Sustainable strategies such as maximizing solar heat gain during winter and minimizing it during summer can reduce your heating and cooling costs. Targeting specific areas to increase thermal performance during a renovation can decrease your operating costs while producing a more comfortable building. Letting natural light far into your building reduces electricity bills and produces a better quality of space to live and work in.

Architects are very highly educated professionals
In British Columbia most Architects hold a Bachelor’s and four year Master’s Degree. Beyond post-secondary school Architects must complete an internship program, attend professional development courses, write professional registration exams, and stand before an oral review committee. In order to maintain their registration Architects must participate in a continuing education system and complete additional on-going studies.

The Architects Act of British Columbia mandates that only a registered Architect may use the term Architect or offer to provide Architectural services.

A registered Architect is permitted to work in the office of another Architect. In order to operate their own firm, or even to offer or advertise Architectural services, Architects must additionally apply and qualify for their own Certificate of Practice.