Architects plan your projects with you
We’ll work together to review your requirements, budget, and building site to make sure you have a viable project. Then we’ll begin to refine your requirements, draw out our ideas, and begin to give shape to your project. As your ideas evolve, changes can be made on paper much less expensively than later on when construction is underway.

Architects Draw
Architects can be hired to produce all manner of documents and drawings relating to development and construction. The idea that an Architect simply draws up plans for a building misses so much of what an Architect can do for you.

Architects create total environments, both interior and exterior, that are pleasing and functional for the people who live and work within them. Very few people can see into construction plan sets to understand what a space might feel like. I can quickly sketch plans and sections to describe the relative size and scale of elements, though prefer to build three dimensional digital models. We can geo-locate these models to see where shadows would fall at a particular time on a particular day, record fly throughs and fly overs to enable an understanding of your project as a three dimensional structure, quickly test materials and different configurations, then slice up our model to produce a basis for the construction documents.

Architects Write
I’m the proponent of your project and can navigate the permitting and zoning processes for you. I prepare documents to accompany Development Permit appeals. I draft letters when my interpretation of the Zoning or Building Code is different than that of those reviewing our plans. I can help you prepare feasibility studies, environmental impact studies, site analyses, and functional programs.

Architects Manage
Architects are uniquely qualified to manage contract administration, to create and oversee the use of drawings and specifications, to quickly efficiently handle problems, to answer questions from the job site while understanding the implications of the required changes, and to review work as it progresses to both maintain the original design intent and to keep the project moving quickly forward.

I’ve drafted work plans detailing how to renovate and rehabilitate schools while school’s in session. I can help you phase a renovation so we don’t have to undo work we’ve already done, so you can keep living in your home while work’s under way, so you can have your dream and afford it too.

Architects solve problems
Architects are trained to solve problems in creative ways. With their broad knowledge of design and construction, Architects can show you alternatives and options you might never think of on your own.

Architects Take Responsibility
My seal is a solemn confirmation that a qualified and registered Architect is sufficiently aware of the relevant considerations that went into the drawing or document and that the document may be relied upon and used by others.

Architects make your life easier
Building is a long process it’s often messy and disruptive, particularly if you are living or working in the space under construction. I help that process go smoothly. I can coordinate the work of engineers and other design professionals to save you time and money. I skillfully navigate complex building codes and zoning by-laws to help you maximize your return on investment. I can help you find qualified construction contractors based on your timeline and requirements. I’ll also visit the construction site to help verify that the project is being in accordance with your plans and specifications.