I have broad and considerable experience working with green and sustainable systems and strategies. I’ve extensively studied and designed straw bale walls and green roofs. I worked hard to help open the first retail hydrogen fuelling station in Canada. I bring my experience to help you examine both building in a more sustainable manner and how to get more out of what you already have: when to renovate and rehabilitate, what to remove and replace, and what to start anew.

I’m an Accredited Professional with the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program. LEED is the gold standard for green buildings. The LEED certification program promotes building designs that are more environmentally responsible, healthier, and help reduce operational costs. This credential signifies my advanced depth of knowledge in green and sustainable practices for buildings, homes, and neighbourhoods.

I’ve studied not only how to build sustainably but also how to design sustainability. It’s important to not only consider what the walls or floors are made of but also to consider where best to place them and how to leverage the inherent qualities of the materials we use. We can study where best to locate not only windows and shading but also thermal mass to improve passive solar heating and daylighting, when where and what sustainable strategies may be appropriate for your project, and how best to meet your goals.