Project Planning
I’ve helped the Government of Canada, The Province of British Columbia, various municipalities, and numerous other stakeholders plan projects well, helping them secure their investments in the built environment.

Well designed projects are made flexible and adaptable in anticipation of the future. We plan environments not to stand against time but to grow and change with it. We design buildings that last.

We can help you clarify and define your building needs, maximize your budget, and maximize your investment.

Project Management
I have a great deal of construction administration experience working as the prime consultant of both large and small teams of design professionals. Further to the scope that most Architects encounter, I’ve been employed as a project manager.

I’ve worked with and coordinated the work of structural engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, lighting designers, construction managers, landscape architects, and many other construction related disciplines.

From site selection to move-in, and all through the construction process I’ll be working hard to keep things on track and in order. I know what it takes to, and have a proven track record, coordinating the work of multiple players: allowing each to work as effectively as possible to keep your project on time and often under budget.

Construction Administration
I have considerable and varied construction experience. I’ve worked building custom interior renovations, helped renovate homes, and volunteered with habitat for humanity. I have an extensive background in landscape construction, and have even been hired to restore antique furniture. I’ve been a labourer, lead hand, foreman, even a pusher.

I’m uniquely qualified to work with the people who will be constructing your project. I know the importance of and how to design buildable details.

We’ll work with your contractor to clarify your needs and save them time. We’ll make your contractor’s work easier, make your project better, and save you money.