Pacheedaht Health Station

David Nairne + Associates Ltd.
I acted as Project Architect on this David Nairne + Associates Ltd Project from PreDesign through completion being primarily responsible for the design, its realization, and its implementation. We worked with the community to create a modern design that combines the private exam consultation and office spaces typical of Health Centres with large open flexible community spaces that can accommodate a number of users and be used for a myriad of activities and which fits well with the First Nation’s more holistic approach to community health. This facility incorporates passive solar strategies including the careful placement of thermal mass, each space is cross vented and has abundant access to natural light. Designed as a post disaster shelter for it’s community this building has been engineered with much greater seismic resistance than would typically be seen in a building this size, to withstand severe flooding, and to be able to self sufficient while supporting its community.