Gwa’sala Nakwaxda’Xw School Assessment

David Nairne + Associates Ltd.
This is a DNA project. I reviewed a number of schools while working at DNA. We had been contracted by Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada to report on the conditions of their assets noting any immediate life safety concerns, any work that would have to be completed soon, and any work that we anticipated would be required in the future.

While reviewing this school we found signs of rot on some of the window sills. Further investigation revealed that these windows had not been installed differently than was the standard of the day, that the wall system of which they were a part was failing, and that their roof overhangs did not offer sufficient protection. We were able to work quickly remove the cladding of this wall, replace the windows membranes and any damage, and to replace the original cladding.

Our report identified other components in need of renovation or replacement and included a suggested plan to bring the school’s buildings up to today’s standards while enabling the school to grow to incorporate anticipated future needs.