I have an extensive background in fine-arts and design, and hold a bachelor’s degree in painting, drawing, and steel sculpture. My work has been exhibited in numerous galleries. I’ve helped curate exhibits. I assisted with teaching architectural visualization courses to Master of Architecture students. I’ve been employed as a graphic and web designer.

I draw beautiful plans sections and elevations, and have a vast array of tools we can use to be able to see and experience your project before it’s built. It’s hard to fully understand a project through flat drawings. I use a number of different software packages that allow us to quickly and very accurately draw your project in 3D. We can geo-locate your project on the globe. We can accurately predict where the sun will cast shadows at different times of the day and year. We can move windows and position overhangs to allow more sunlight in winter and create more shade in summer. We can render flythrough animations. We can draw your furniture into your project, I’ll even hang your art on the wall.