Often with the start of construction a new participant, the contractor, is introduced to the project. They take on the responsibility and control of the construction. Because the contractor may not have been involved at the project’s conception and design, they can’t be expected to share the same goals as the Architect or the client.

The nature of the project, the type of construction contract, and the method of contract award all have a direct bearing on the level and nature of the monitoring that will be required. A more technically sophisticated project in a fixed-price contract, will require more monitoring than would a simple project, or one under a cost-plus type contract. A tight construction schedule will require more monitoring than one with fewer time constraints.

During construction, I review to see that work has been performed in accordance with the contract documents. I will be available on-call to answer questions and provide additional detail as needed. I attend on site, provide information, issue details, review shop drawings, discuss strategies, and when necessary propose or review changes. Additionally I can act as payment certifier. At the end of construction I’ll provide a walk-through and final paperwork as required by the authority having jurisdiction.