Construction Documents

Building Permit drawings demonstrate that the project will meet code and conform to local zoning ordinances. Proper Construction Documentation expands the drawing set beyond the basic Building Permit set to include interior elevations showing kitchen cabinetry, millwork, and other built-in shelving or furniture. We draw the walls of rooms locating and specifying plumbing fixtures, bathroom towel rails, toilet roll holders, and other special features. Construction Documents can include power and lighting plans locating light fixtures as well as electrical, data, phone, cable TV connections, and the switching for each. We may create additional schedules (detailed lists that allow contractors to easily quantify, price, order, and arrange for installation of) for finishes, appliances, equipment, hardware; and may choose to produce a product cut sheet book crystallizing what you want and how you expect your project to be finished. Construction Documents refine and add detail to the design illustrating for your contractor how to build your project.