Zoning Studies
When planning a project or renovation, or even when considering a property for purchase, it’s important to understand what uses zoning allows and what types and forms of buildings are permitted. We’ve performed numerous reviews of properties and buildings for owners, stakeholders, potential purchasers, and realtors which clearly define and illustrate zoning requirements and potential.

Building Code Reviews
I have an extensive knowledge of and wide ranging experience with the British Columbia Building Code, its requirements, and its application. We work for designers, and engineers, and other Architects to help them create code compliant projects that quickly pass building department reviews.

Coordinating Registered Professional
A coordinating registered professional coordinates the design work and field reviews of the registered professionals to ascertain that the design and its construction will substantially comply with the B.C. Building Code and other applicable codes and bylaws.

Preparation of Alternative Solutions
Sometimes when building we find ourselves in unique situations: we may be creating a structure not considered by the code, caught between conflicting requirements, our intended use for a structure may require a different approach, sometimes previous renovations mean that although a building no longer conforms to code we can still safely occupy it. The Building Code allows us to propose alternative solutions, or alternative ways of meeting its requirements.

I’ve spent a great deal of time researching not only the code itself but also the various interpretations and clarifications that have been made over the years. I’m uniquely qualified to defend my own interpretation, and to advocate for my clients.