Bella Bella Community School

David Nairne + Associates Ltd.
This is a DNA project for which I acted as the Lead Architect. The project was phased as four work packages.

The first phase replaced the roof of the 1952 intermediate school installing a new shear diaphragm underneath, and reroofed the 1976 high school including a seismic retrofit.

The second phase included some reorganization of the interior spaces and a general renovation of the interior to replace aging building components and increase energy efficiency, as well as to perform a major seismic upgrade and included a new stormwater management and perimeter drainage system to rectify the flooded crawlspace.

The third and forth phases, which ran concurrently, arose after we discovered some irregularities in the 1994 Elementary School building. Following a carefully designed methodology we performed both non-destructive and invasive testing. Given the extent of damage, portions of the school were closed and emergency shoring was erected. With the failure mechanisms understood and new details designed to prevent similar failures elsewhere, work on these phases was able to progressed fairly quickly.

Our experience in project management enabled us to work very efficiently with multiple stake holders: numerous user groups, consultants, and contractors. We employed two contractors simultaneously: one focused on the roof envelope; the other on an emergency structural remediation. This complex project included rolling a massive steel beam through the gymnasium doors, cutting holes in the roof to chain the beam to a crane, lifting it into position, and welding it in place. We managed to do that over night.

With the exception of the portions of the school that were closed at the outset of phases three and four, the school was able to function relatively normally during this extensive renovation and rehabilitation.