Architectural Drawings
The idea that an Architect simply draws up plans for a building misses so much of what an Architect can do for you. Architects can be hired to produce all manner of documents and drawings relating to development and construction. I can quickly sketch plans and sections together to work out the relative sizes of elements, though prefer to build three dimensional digital models. We can geolocate these models to see where shadows would fall at a particular time on a particular day, record flythroughs and flyovers so we understand the building as a three dimensional structure, quickly test materials and different configurations, then slice up our model to produce a basis for the construction documents.

I make thorough, beautiful drawings and detailed three-dimensional digital models enabling you to see your project before it’s built. Quality at this stage allows your contractor to more accurately price and more easily and efficiently construct your project; it also provides a testing ground on which we can intercept conflicts before they arise during the construction phase.